Take a first look at plans for Cornerstone, our new gallery and cafe.  Discover how we will combine the best of Tremont Culture, Cleveland Culture, and modern American Culture in an unprecedented faith-based community center that unites the mission of the Catholic Church with the local Tremont Neighborhood.

Saturday Great Vespers 7:00pm
Sunday Matins: 10:00am
Divine Liturgy 11:00am
Nov 7: Archangel Vespers (7:00pm)
Nov 8: Archangel Michael (9:00am)
Nov 8: Great Vespers (7:00pm)
Nov 9: Matins & Liturgy (10:00am)
Nov 14: Tremont Artwalk (6:00pm)
Nov 14-16: Melchizedek Project
Nov 15: Great Vespers (7:00pm)
Nov 16: Matins & Liturgy (10:00am)
Nov 18: Emmanuel Moleben (7:00pm)
Nov 20: Great Vespers (7:00pm)
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